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Established in 2016, JEH Bags has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing premium cotton bags. Our founder, Pankaj Chheda, envisioned a shift towards more sustainable and stylish alternatives, especially in a country like India, the largest producer of cotton, where the use of cotton bags was not as prevalent as it could be.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create awareness globally about the benefits of using cotton bags. We believe in promoting not only a stylish but also an eco-friendly lifestyle. Every bag at JEH is meticulously designed with ergonomic considerations, ensuring that you can carry your essentials comfortably while making a fashion statement.

Environment-Friendly Approach:

At JEH Bags, we are committed to sustainability. All our bags are crafted using environmentally friendly raw materials such as strings, belts, and yarn. Our products are exclusively made from 100% pure cotton fabric, enhancing durability and ensuring they are biodegradable. By choosing JEH Bags, you contribute to the reduction of single-use plastics and environmental conservation.

Join the Movement:

Make a conscious choice for the planet and showcase your style with JEH Bags. Join us in spreading the message of sustainability and the importance of embracing cotton bags. Together, let's make a positive impact on Mother Earth and redefine the way we carry our essentials.

Product Range

Explore our diverse range of bags designed to meet various needs. Whether you're looking for a stylish tote, a functional backpack, or a versatile sling bag, JEH Bags has the perfect match for your style and requirements. Each bag is a blend of functionality, comfort, and fashion.

Empowering Women

We take immense pride in our diverse team, with a significant representation of women. Empowering women is not just a principle for us; it is an integral part of our journey. We strive to provide financial independence to our female team members, enabling them to secure better positions within their families and society at large.

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