About Us

Crafting the preppiest bags since 2016.

Our journey of designing and manufacturing cotton bags began with the realization that India being the largest producer of cotton, doesn’t use cotton bags as frequently. It was the vision of our founder, Pankaj Chheda, to promote fashionable cotton bags to save Mother Earth. Each bag by JEH is designed ergonomically so that you can carry your essentials comfortably in style. 

Our main aim is to create awareness about the usage of cotton bags worldwide. We manufacture all our bags with environment-friendly raw materials like String, Belts, Yarn etc. Our products are derived from 100% pure cotton fabric which makes it more durable and eco-friendly. Furthermore, our team consists majorly of women, of whom we are absolutely proud. We continue to empower them to ensure financial independence and a better position in the family as well as society.

Choose a bag that suits your needs and flaunt your style with JEH Bags.